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Development Road For Machine Needle Industry


     Why domestic and foreign machine needle similar products have such a disparity in the price gap, in terms of quality in the end what is the same, how to improve the quality of domestic machine needle is what we in the industry are in the study.

     First, the main difference made machine needle with similar foreign products through research comparison of domestic and imported machine needle needle as major gaps Grosz Germany, Japan and other needle organ has three products: the appearance of the identity gap. Foreign machine needle, the same type of needle and needle look exactly the same to the naked eye were not any difference, while the domestic machine needle needles trough fluctuations and relative position of the pinhole, often with the naked eye can pick out the differences between the needle and the needle come. Needle hole finish gap. Domestic machine needle needle needle hole as foreign smooth, easy to break when sewing. Mechanical properties of stability gap. Domestic machine needle can be at or near the level of foreign needle in deflection, hardness, wear resistance, etc., but the fluctuations in the value of these properties is large, resulting in the overall level of quality is below the needle advanced foreign similar products.

    Second, the domestic machine needle with similar foreign products quality gap reasons

    The main difference between 

    (a) the identity of the reasons for the appearance of lack of appearance of the product is that the needle groove relative position of the pinhole, which is due to the domestic milling machine needle needle craft and abroad is not the same due to the German Groz needle, for example, Grosz needle with needle groove milling CNC milling machine, milling 一枚 a time machine needles, high geometric accuracy of the product, so the appearance of the identity of the product is very good. Currently most of the domestic machine needle with a simple manual loading of milling, and in order to meet the tact, milling rounds each time you want milling machine needles, plus a manual needle arrangement, so the benchmark has been processed inevitable error, which causing the inconsistency between the position of the needle slot, which affects the appearance of the product identity.

   (b) the sewing needle smooth bore hole of the needle causes of defects is formed by die stamping, domestic machine needle generally use a metal forming, foreign high-end machine needles are currently using secondary metal forming methods, namely punching rough division Chong and fine blanking, higher precision hole punched so, whether it is a secondary stamping or punching method to go through the subsequent finishing operations to remove the burr hole to the final shape. Required by stamping machine needle factory developed its own domestic machine needle mold materials are generally high-speed steel, hardness and wear resistance of this material is not strong, die in use for some time, the surface will produce slight wear, mold finish decline pinhole inner wall more subtle glitches. Subsequent finishing deburring process, a common practice in domestic enterprises is wearing thin wire needle eyes, then clusters of needle placed on homemade shaker vibration, use the wire and the inner wall of the friction pinhole to eliminate the effect of glitches. However, this process is called wear eye and eye jump method does not fully get rid of glitches in the eye of a needle, and special charges of labor, because wearing one by one by artificial eye is worn to wire up, two Road deburring processes more than 15% share of the artificial production line workforce. Grosz and other foreign companies now soaked with a chemical solvent to remove the pinhole method needle burr, effective, and saves time and effort.

   (c) to encourage and help enterprises to upgrade equipment, and gradually realize the modernization of the entire pin manufacture equipment for high-tech key equipment, may be declared as national or industry projects by research institutes and enterprises collective research.

   (d) implementation of the industry standard needle work as soon as possible, to create a favorable external environment for the development of the needle and related industries.

   (e) to help businesses needle promote information technology to optimize enterprise management, improve efficiency. At present, the domestic information technology infrastructure is very weak needle companies, industry associations in promoting information technology, and information technology infrastructure to be good corporate discrimination, the Association can recommend suitable to machine needle enterprise information software, helps companies audit information technology planning, participation, enterprise information construction supervision, to provide enterprises with specific help.

   (f) by encouraging enterprises to implement quality QC team plans and other measures to help businesses to promote quality improvement measures to improve the quality system.